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Philosophy and approach

You may have needs to resolve, dreams to be met. If you find yourself confronted with a sea of little parts, we can help you fit them together. Here's a little about the tools we would use.

Designing the unseen — priorities, relationships, and hopes
The unseen parts of a project determine what becomes seen. We work with you on the unseen so that your spaces address both.

The material things — to use them in the best way
Materials, light, and sound are our raw ingredients. We pay great attention to them.

Economics is a reality, too!
If it costs too much, it doesn’t get built. We help you in balancing your needs and your wherewithal.

Will you still want it tomorrow? — long-term planning
We explore with you how to make your spaces flexible so they will serve you as long as possible.

Context and cohesiveness
We find how your project best fits into your world, and the world at large.

Good ideas come to everyone — collaboration & client involvement
The only pride of authorship worth keeping is that of the team.

Humor and good cheer
It’s an obligation. And it’s a pleasure!